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Hey Trinkets Fans!

Growing up, do you remember when it was "shopping night' or "going to town night"?  I use to love to be able to tag along when my Grandparents would make coming into town on a Thursday night for groceries and essentials an event. I had to be on my best behaviour, you had good clean clothes on, you stayed close and listened to what you were told. It was during these precious moments growing up I learned a valuable lesson.

My grandfather told me to "Never do business where you can't go in and yell at the owner". What he meant by that was, a small business owner is the heart and soul that goes into serving the communities.  The customer service is different than compared to shopping in a box store. We do more than just fill a need. We are the listening ear when you have just popped in when your day hasn't been the greatest. They are the ones you show the pictures of new babies, graduations, weddings and other key milestones. We recommend other local businesses when your looking for the best place to... browse, dine, and etc.

Small business's also donate time and money to community events, sports, charities and clubs. We create jobs and giveback where we can. So spend your time, money and help promote those small businesses because it is their invested interest that will ensure you to keep coming back for more. Its their face and reputation that is on the line at each transaction. Its also their livelihood at stake. Their families depend on your support. That's why many times you will see other small business owners shopping at other small businesses because it is that important to keep a community growing and lead by example.

Why am I sharing this story? Because, its time we start leading by example. Teaching our children the importance of buying, eating and enjoying local. Our community depends on it. Now more than ever! 2020 has been a crushing year for so many of us. Times are drastically changing. We can all agree that the last 3 months have changed us all forever. However its our next steps that will define the future for many. Wherever you fit into this equation, no matter age, profession, race, or social stature, claim your community. It's yours to discover, love and support.

How can you help your community? Spread kindness, shop local, treat a friend to a patio lunch, buy your veggies at the farmers market, put your cart away at the grocery store, say "good morning" to the stranger passing by on the sidewalk, share the Facebook post, write a glowing review, tip your waiter/ waitress, be quick to give a compliment instead of criticism, tell a friend about your favourite downtown Shoppe... Even the smallest of ways to support your community will bring big rewards to us all.

The photo attached to this blog is of my Grandfather, Norm Byerlay, who taught me this valuable lesson. He is a young entrepreneur in this photo. His first business, Byerlay's Garage on Broadway Street, Downtown Tillsonburg. I keep this photo in my office as a reminder of those lessons he taught me, and as a reminder to continue to make him proud, by leading by example.

Xo Carrianne 

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