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The Hot Topic ~ Face Masks!

Hey Trinkets Fans!

Boy this topic is definitely making the rounds! Firstly let me just state, I am not an expert when it comes to the medical do's and don't's however I think we can all agree that to be SAFE in areas where social distancing can be challenging we really SHOULD wear one. In some areas you now MUST wear one. Some areas of London, Toronto, and Hamilton have made it law that face masks are MANDATORY. Personally I don't mind wearing a face mask. They can be hot, and over time become aggravating however that still seems far better than the alternative.

One customer described it like this, "Its like wearing a seat belt. Sometimes its uncomfortable, in the summer they can become hot, and they certainly are restrictive if your out for a drive. With children its a whole other set of time consuming and frustrating moments, especially if there are special needs or an injury you need to account for... BUT they keep us SAFE, so we wear them. They SAVE LIVES, so we wear them. Its the LAW, so we wear them."

What a great perspective! I would never want to do something that would put another individual in harms way. I try to keep myself fit and healthy. We all have the best intentions.  However with COVID 19, its sneaky, and there is still so much we don't know. Why take the chance on bringing home this crazy virus to your family? Or to carry it unknowingly to someone else's? Wearing a mask is to keep EVERYONE SAFE. So please keep in mind that #WeAreAllInThisTogether 

At Trinkets Gift Shoppe, until mandated, wearing a mask is at your discretion. Should you come in and wish me to wear one, it would be my pleasure. When my Shoppe's maximum occupancy is getting close, (10 people including myself) yes I do wear one. I care enough about YOU and YOUR FAMILY, as well as MY FAMILY to wear one! Social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting, steaming the garments and limiting occupancy is always in place, but sometimes that's not enough. 

There are tons of face masks on the market. Here in the Shoppe I offer Designer Non Medical Face Masks by Canadian Fashion House ~ Rapz Lifestyle Clothing. Dianne and Lisa Wamboldt, designers of the brand, have put together a fantastic product that I am proud to offer all of you. These are lightweight, designer fabrics. Fun and colourful prints and solids. They come one size, and are made unisex for both men and women. Cotton lined with pocket for additional filter. Flat wire at nose for snug fit. Comfortable stretch loops fit over the ears. Machine washable and made in Toronto Canada. These retail for $15. 

Trinkets Fans, I don't care where you purchased your face mask. Please wear one. Whether your a resident of Tillsonburg, the surrounding communities or for those of you that live at a distance. YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Love yourself and others enough to know that one more extra step is worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

#BeSafe #WearYourMask #BeKind #StaySafe

Xo Carrianne