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Collection: Lola Jeans

 “It all started with the desire to make a perfect pair of jeans that is figure flattering and life changing. In 2004, I set up shop in a small apartment on top of my dad’s jeans store in Montreal and started crafting them myself. In 2006, my brother Sam and I joined forces, and Lola Jeans was born”

Founded in Montreal in 2006 by denim aficionado David Abissidan, Lola Jeans’ DNA is rooted in David’s passion for creating timeless pieces. LJ rapidly evolved from an exclusively denim brand to a contemporary lifestyle brand when Ericka Cicchillitti took over as Creative Director in 2018. Since then, Ericka and the design team have focused their efforts on seamlessly integrating bi-annual ready-to-wear collections which reflect the true sensibility of the brand: Chic. Sophisticated. Classic.

We enjoy being a part of your personal style and are thankful for your loyal following. Reflecting and thinking forward, we are proud of our story and grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. 

Love, David Abissidan

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